Blue and Gold Banquet


In 1933 "Cub Leaders' Round Table" suggested Parent/Cub dinners. Soon thereafter, Pack 1 of Michigan City started a tradition of pot-lucks where the dads were to bring utensils made of wood; whittled by the Cub with his dad. In the 1930s father/son 'bean dinners' and 'Cub family dinners' began to become commonplace. Finally, in 1943 the name "Blue and Gold Banquet" first appeared in BSA literature, and became synonymous with "celebrating the birthday of Scouting."

For many packs, the Blue and Gold Banquet is one of the highlights of the program year. It is a family affair that brings our entire group together in a way that regular pack meetings don't. It is an evening of fun which involves more planning than the regular pack meeting.

The dinner may be held at the Fellowship Hall at St. Andrew's. The meal is important, but even more important is the friendly atmosphere as our Cub Scouts and their families mingle together in fun.

Thank you to all that help and participate in this event!!!